Obviously joining UBC Food Society is an admirable and desirable option in life. Where else can you become educated on the thriving culinary capital of Vancouver; all the while eating decadent food at substandard rates? Whether you wish to join for fine food or fine friends, this club will satisfy your needs. There are no free lunches in the world, but Food Society is pretty close. For your $10 membership we subsidize events, get you deals at all your favorite places to eat and of course all our funds go back to our members!

Join In Person

Please e-mail us at to set up an appointment with an executive.

Membership fees are $10 for UBC students and $15 for non-UBC students.


Our office is located in the Room 3208 in the Nest. Office hours are by appointment only!


We have an updated list of membership perks you would receive from our sponsors! 

 720 Sweets (Kitsilano location only) 20% off
 Bao Down (UBC location only) 10% off (excluding alcohol)
 Menchie’s (Wesbrook Village only) 10% off
 Poke5 10% off
 Uncle Fatih’s Pizza 10% off
 Buns and Boba 10% off purchases of more than 5$

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  1. hello, this is Anais and i was wondering if i could join today so that i could participate in the food crawl! let me know when i can come by!

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