Cook Well, Eat Well

Eating delicious food with your friends on a Friday night is a great time but to be the one cooking the food is just as exciting. You can make equally tasty food in your kitchen, it will be simple and accessible with amazing flavours. With recipes, tips and tricks, cooking will be enjoyable and easy and not stressful and difficult. If you want to cook delicious food to your own tastes in the warmth of your kitchen for your family and friends, join the Cook Well, Eat Well mini-club!

: Kevin Gonzalez
Event Times: Thursday or Saturday afternoon, once a month. Specific dates and times dependent on availability of members.
Event Location: Around Broadway and Clark Drive (Near VCC)
Cost Per Event: $10 for ingredients and other essentials.

Possible Cuisines to Cook:

More About Kevin:

Program: 2nd Year Biology
Favorite Food: Capicolla pizza.
Favorite Drink: Taro Bubble Tea
Best Dish I’ve Ever Had: Mom’s chicken curry with potatos, carrots, and rice
Most Disgusting Food I’ve Ever Had: Fortunately, I don’t remember. : )

I’m a 2nd year Biology student who loves video games, biking, hockey, hanging out with friends and cooking. I’ve been cooking here and there for a little while and I’m excited to share the joy of cooking and collaborate too. If you ever see me around campus or in class, feel free to say hi!

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