Exec Profiles 2012

UBC Food Society has a fun collection of executives from a diverse background. You will want to meet them, as they are all esteemed members of society. To be a member of UBC Food Society is like eating from the plate of Kings on the Iron Throne. Or being Gordon Ramsay. Same feeling.

Learn about us here. From the grammatical mistakes that follow, you can find out which of the Food Society executives are Science students and which ones study recipes.

Kathy Sheng


Lisa Zhu



Hanson Do
VP Admin


  • Program: Cognitive Systems, 3rd Year
  • Favourite food: Matcha <anything>
  • Favourite drink: Alize, or if we’re doing non-alcohol, Grass Jelly Drink
  • Favourite restaurant: Meat & Bread
  • Best dish you’ve ever made: Super Meatified Lasagna
  • Worst kitchen disaster: Microwaving canned soup…in the can

Marie Starck
VP Admin & “Meatless Mini Club” Leader


  • Program: Computer Science, 3rd year
  • Favourite food: Anything sweet :)
  • Favourite drink: Water
  • Favourite restaurant: Aphrodite’s
  • Best dish you’ve ever made: Goat cheese souffle
  • Worst kitchen disaster: I put my hand on the hot element of the stove. Not my brightest moment.

Iva Tong
Asst. VP Admin

Christine Liu
VP Events


  • Program: 4th year biology
  • Favourite food: Blackberries! They are sooooo delish!
  • Favourite drink: The red bean icy with ice cream, hong kong style. A close second is passion fruit green tea with aloe. Yum.
  • Worst kitchen disaster: Adding tartar sauce (the kind you put on fish and chips) instead of cream of tartar (a substitute for vinegar) to the baked good I was attempting to make. Needless to say, it didn’t turn out very well.

Jenny Cheng
VP Sponsorship


  • Program: Science, Pharmacology, 3rd year
  • Favourite food: spicy food
  • Favourite drink: Macha Ice Cream Bubble Tea
  • Favourite restaurant: Kalvin’s Restaurant
  • Best dish you’ve ever made: Mushroom fishball soup
  • Worst kitchen disaster: When I forgot to prepare the raw material fully and I have heated the pan already

Claire Tai
VP External

Jasmine Li
VP Mini Clubs & Leader of “The Baking Bandits” Mini Club

  • Program: 3rd year biology
  • Favourite food: frozen yogurt
  • Favourite drink: coconut water
  • Favourite restaurant: home
  • Best dish you’ve ever made: tiramisu
  • Worst kitchen disaster: adding way to much cloves into a ginger bread cookie dough


Olivia Jang
Events coordinator/sponsorship executive


  • Program: Integrated Science- Nutrition & Behavioural Neuroscience, 3rd Year
  • Favourite food: It varies depending on my mood
  • Favourite drink: Mango or Lychee juice
  • Favourite restaurant: Suika Izakaya
  • Best dish you’ve ever made: Roasted rack of lamb with lemon-mint sauce
  • Worst kitchen disaster: Added twice the amount of butter needed for a cookie recipe

Praveena Thirunathan
Events coordinator


  • Program: 2nd year Intergrated Sciences
  • Favourite food: Tiramisu
  • Favourite drink: strawberry bubble tea with coconut jelly
  • Favourite restaurant: Burgoo
  • Best dish you’ve ever made: Milk toffee
  • Worst kitchen disaster: I touched boiling hot condensed milk to my lips…..not a fun day

Joseph Tio
Events coordinator


  • Program: Biotechnology, 3rd year
  • Favourite food: Too many to name. Although, poutine is one of my favourites in the “Canadian Food” category kiki
  • Favourite drink: Tea ( a variety of different types)
  • Favourite restaurant: Suika
  • Best dish you’ve ever made: Upside-down chocolate cupcakes with coffee flavoured whipped cream frosting
  • Worst kitchen disaster: Burning frozen mini-pizza things b/c I forgot about them.

Vivian Kwan
Events coordinator

  • Program: Commerce Year 2
  • Favourite food: How can I choose just one!? Too many. That’s the answer.
  • Favourite drink: Depends…but off the top of my head answering this questionnaire, I really like bubble tea, and many other Asian cafe shop type drinks, and lately I’ve come to really like…WATER.
  • Favourite restaurant: For which cuisine? I’d have to pick that first. But in general, asking me to decide a favourite for anything is futile.
  • Best dish you’ve ever made: Uh…Korean BBQ udon? It’s really, very, very, simple. Can’t strictly constitute as a “dish”.
  • Worst kitchen disaster: Uh…I’m usually pretty careful when cooking. I guess just the basic burning something.

Yolanda Hsuin
Event coordinator


Carmen Mok
Events coordinator/sponsorship executive

Nancy Chen
Events coordinator


Jennifer Chin
Sponsorship executive


  • Program: Commerce – Marketing 3rd year
  • Favourite food: mac and cheese and ice cream
  • Favourite drink: vanilla coke
  • Favourite restaurant: Kits Daily Kitchen
  • Best dish you’ve ever made: Bibimbap
  • Worst kitchen disaster: ruining kraft dinner….

Victoria Chang
Sponsorship executive/writer


Aaron Lao
Graphic Designer/photographer


  • Program: Human Geography & International Relations, 4th Year
  • Favourite food: A dish that somehow tastefully combines sashimi and curry.
  • Favourite drink: Orange juice and Perrier
  • Favourite restaurant: This one pizza place in Sweden that sells kebab pizzas
  • Best dish you’ve ever made: Chilli and some cilantro hummus
  • Worst kitchen disaster: I’ve seen a spatula liquified in a pot of boiling oil.

Gavin Yeung
“L’Èxec d’Éminence”/graphic designer/events/writer/photographer


  • Program: Sociology, 3rd year
  • Favourite food: Dongpo Pork
  • Favourite drink: Any fruity Chinese dessert drink
  • Favourite restaurant: The Cascades Room on Main St
  • Best dish you’ve ever made: Slow-cooked pork roast
  • Worst kitchen disaster: To answer this, I would first have to be capable of failure.

Kimberly Low
Website co-editor


  • Program: General Science- Life Science and Earth Science, 5th year
  • Favourite food: Frozen yogurt
  • Favourite drink: water, iced tea (the sweet Canadian kind), fruit smoothies
  • Favourite restaurant: White Spot
  • Best dish you’ve ever made: I’m aiming to improve on this, but for now, home-made potato salad.
  • Worst kitchen disaster: Failing in three consecutive attempts to fully hardboil an egg. Embarrassing. I have since realized what I was doing wrong and corrected it.

Katelyn Low
Website co-editor


  • Program: Integrated Science, 5th year
  • Favourite food: Frozen yogurt, and Semla (a Swedish pastry, in my picture :) )
  • Favourite drink: tea + vanilla soymilk
  • Best dish you’ve ever made: Brownies that have exactly the right chewy texture
  • Worst kitchen disaster: A particular incident that didn’t involve anything I cooked, but rather something I tasted in the kitchen. It may or may not have involved cat food and hot chocolate.

Joyce Chen

Kenny Cheng

Rex Handford

Andy Kong


Dennis Ma


Ashley Luk

Megan Wong

Janet Leung

Andrew Ng

Jane Shi

Helen Song

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