Exec Profiles 2010

UBC Food Society has a fun collection of executives from a diverse background. You will want to meet them, as they are all esteemed members of society. To be a member of UBC Food Society is like eating from the plate of Kings on the Iron Throne. Or being Gordon Ramsay. Same feeling.

Learn about us here. From the grammatical mistakes that follow, you can find out which of the Food Society executives are Science students and which ones study recipes.



What is the most disgusting thing you have eaten? Whatever my mom cooks. :<

What is the most expensive food you have eaten? Ootoro (super fatty tuna) sushi at the Tsukiji fish market in Tokyo. Was a bit over $10 dollars for a single piece of fish on a ball of rice (and it was considered cheap too). Gorgeous marbling – delicious just to look at, and melts in your mouth with an intensity of flavour that is almost…too tuna. The fat disintegrates and coats each grain of the sushi rice just so perfectly; the pleasant and surprising greasiness of the tuna is balanced by the familiar taste and texture of rice. I wanted a second serving, but they ran out (ootoro is found only at the very underside of the fish, and is very rare). So for the rest of the night, I had to settle with chuu-toro, which is the non-super, but still fatty portion of bluefin tuna.

Is good food worth the carbs? “Nothing tastes better than feeling thin” is a lie.

VP Administration


Program: Third year in Integrated Sciences, Faculty of Science

Favourite food: yellow mangoes; multigrain utane bread

Favourite drink: coffee with honey and soy milk

Favourite restaurant: Dinesty in Richmond

Best dish you’ve ever made: Herbed chicken in fresh tomato sauce

Worst kitchen disaster: Attempting to replicate a certain Martha Stewart savoury egg dish (think mini quiches sans pastry) that involved muffin tins… never again.

Kitchen utensil I would be and why: A sporknife. http://i.treehugger.com/images/2007/10/24/light-my-fire-spork-group.jpg

Number of Foodsoc execs to boil an egg: None, the water does all the work!

Assistant VP Admin

Program: Medicine, Medical Laboratory Science, 3rd yr

Favourite food: BBQ chicken! (or at least that’s what I’m craving @ the moment)

Favourite drink: Different varieties of tea

Favourite restaurant: Green Basil (Burnaby)

Best dish you’ve ever made: Savory is stir fried chicken with mango, sweet is either tiramisu or brownies

Worst kitchen disaster: 1st attempt at cooking ever: Tried to fry an egg but for some reason.. the oil ended up not in the pan and the egg was half cooked and all over the stove LOL

Kitchen utensil I would be and why: fish spatula because it is so much more useful than the regular spatula when frying =]

Number of Foodsoc execs to boil an egg: Hopefully just one

VP Finance


Program: Commerce, Finance, Third year

Favourite food: Ferrero Rocher

Favourite drink: Fresh orange juice

Favourite restaurant: Timmy Hortons (not a restaurant, but w/e)

Best dish you’ve ever made: Instant noodles…I can’t cook even if my life depended on it =]

Worst kitchen disaster: I evaporated a whole kettle of water? Couldn’t even have instant noodles after that >.>

Kitchen utensil I would be and why: Boning knife

Number of Foodsoc execs to boil an egg: Zero.

VP Events

Program: Science, Biology Major 2nd year

Favourite food: FRIED CHICKEN, meat in general, fruit, shrimp dumplings, korean spicy rice cakes (ddukboki), dark chocolate

Favourite drink: passion fruit bbt w/ aloe jelly, water, tea, juice

Favourite restaurant: Han Ju Tofu Hot Pot

Best dish you’ve ever made: Taiwanese style clams

Worst kitchen disaster: stove caught on fire

Kitchen utensil I would be and why: spatula

Events Coordinator

Program: Science, Biology major, 2nd yr.

Favourite food: Blackberries! They are sooooo delish!

Favourite drink: The red bean icy with ice cream, hong kong style. A close second is passion fruit green tea with aloe. Yum.

Worst kitchen disaster: Adding tartar sauce (the kind you put on fish and chips) instead of cream of tartar (a substitute for vinegar) to the baked good I was attempting to make. Needless to say, it didn’t turn out very well.

Events Coordinator

Program: Faculty of Science, Biology, Second year

Favourite food: Beijing duck

Favourite drink: Cream soda

Favourite restaurant: Golden Szechuan

Best dish you’ve ever made: Coconut caramel flan

Worst kitchen disaster: When I was little, I watched my mom put her hand over the wok to test the heat. I thought it was really cool, so I decided to try it myself. My plan was perfect until I pressed my finger to the middle of the heated wok. Ouch.

Kitchen utensil I would be and why: A pair of oven mitts. Why? Because I bake all the time. And I get burned a lot from heated kitchen utensils (I guess I never learned my lesson).

Events Coordinator

YEAHH hotpot!

Program: Commerce, Year 2

Favourite food: Malaysian Satay Skewers

Favourite drink: Orange Juice

Favourite restaurant: 5 Sails. I went there for dineout. They called me Mr. Chung. I felt Boss.

Best dish you’ve ever made: Spaghetti with prosciutto ham and prawns, with a side of honey mustard chicken

Worst kitchen disaster: Making pumpkin custard from an online recipe. It came out salty.

Kitchen utensil I would be and why: The left chopstick. I need to find my other to become complete =)

How many FoodSoc execs does it take to boil an egg? Obviously just one now since a hot stud like me has been hired.

Event Coordinator

Program: 1st year

Facts: 1. I like grocery shopping more than clothing shopping. 2. I have a frozen yogurt maker in my dorm room :)

Favourite food: Does frozen yogurt count?

Favourite drink: Vanilla Soymilk or Chrysanthemum Tea

Favourite restaurant: Andina’s – BEST Peruvian restaurant located in Portland, OR (home for me!)

Best dish you’ve ever made: Roasted Peppers stuffed with feta and stir-fried mushroom and onion

Worst kitchen disaster: Forgetting to put the top on the blender = big mess (I was young)

Kitchen utensil I would be and why: Probably a large spoon because I think it’s essential to taste-test your food as you go – aka you have your dinner before you’re done cooking it

Event Coordinator

Program: Land and Food Systems, Year 1

Favourite food: Wild Salmon Sashimi

Favourite drink: Mango smoothies

Best dish you’ve ever made: Roast Chicken Vegetables

Worst kitchen disaster: Burnt crackers and bacon in the microwave

Sponsorship Coordinator

Program: Science, Pharmacology, 2nd year

Favourite food: spicy food

Favourite drink: Macha Ice Cream Bubble Tea

Favourite restaurant: Kalvin’s Restaurant

Best dish you’ve ever made: Mushroom fishball soup

Worst kitchen disaster: When I forgot to prepare the raw material fully and I have heated the pan already

Kitchen utensil I would be and why? Chopsticks because I can do kungfu

How many FoodSoc execs does it take to boil an egg? Zero because the hot water boils the egg

Graphic Designer


Program: Arts, International Relations and Human Geography, Third Year

Favourite food: Steamed artichokes with olive oil dip.

Favourite drink: Fresh orange juice with Perrier.

Favourite restaurant: Toshi (16th and Main)

Best dish you’ve ever made: Cilantro hummus and guacamole.

Worst kitchen disaster: Almost set the microwave on fire when I microwaved a metal pot on high.

Kitchen utensil I would be and why: A banana guard, because I am the protector of all things beautiful.

How many FoodSoc execs does it take to boil an egg? 27. But we don’t have that many. Which would be why we haven’t boiled any eggs yet. We’re really hoping one day FoodSoc will grow larger enough so that we have enough execs to finally have some nice boiled eggs.

Events Photographer

Program: Arts 3, Human Geography & Urban Studies

Favourite food: Chinese-style lobster

Favourite restaurant: Samurai Sushi

Events Photographer

Program: Science, Microbiology and Immunology Major, Year 2

Favourite food: I hate these questions. Let’s go with spicy salmon sashimi.

Favourite drink: Root beer

Favourite restaurant: Samurai Sushi

Best dish you’ve ever made: Chicken PotP

Worst kitchen disaster: Egg tarts. Let’s just say there was a bit more crust than necessary and it didn’t cook all the way through

Kitchen utensil I would be and why: A chinoise. Because it was the first thing I randomly chose from the list of food utensils on wikipedia

Number of Foodsoc execs to boil an egg: None. They didn’t boil the egg because it was a Fryday!

Co-Editor and Writer

Program: 3rd year Science

Favourite food: Constantly changing, since once I really like something, I tend to have it so much that I begin to dislike it. But I think I’ll always like strawberries and raspberries :)

Best dish you’ve ever made: banana nutella crepes

Worst kitchen disaster: Cooking class in high school. I was assigned to cook waffles. Easy right? Simple steps, not that many ingredients – probably eight max. Inexplicably, I FORGOT TO PUT IN THE EGGS AND THE OIL. Somehow, I managed to salvage the “waffles.”

Number of Foodsoc execs to boil an egg: The answer to that question is irrelevant. The more pertinent question is how many FoodSoc execs does it take to boil an egg to the perfect degree without that unsightly grayish ring around the yolk?

Co-Editor and Writer

Program: 3rd year Science

Favourite food: frozen yogurt

Favourite drink: iced tea (not the American type, the sweet Canadian kind) and fruit smoothies

Worst kitchen disaster: When I was really young and making Christmas cookies, I spilled sugar ALL OVER the kitchen floor, and since my mom wasn’t in the immediate vicinity, I attempted to clean it up with water. Just water. The result was a very, very sticky mess!

Number of Foodsoc execs to boil an egg: One, because we are all very competent :) (at least I’d like to think that hehehe)

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