Exec Profiles 2009

UBC Food Society has a fun collection of executives from a diverse background. You will want to meet them, as they are all esteemed members of society. To be a member of UBC Food Society is like eating from the plate of Kings on the Iron Throne. Or being Gordon Ramsay. Same feeling.

Learn about us here. From the grammatical mistakes that follow, you can find out which of the Food Society executives are Science students and which ones study recipes.


Ryan is our President. He is also omnipotent and omniscient. He is also an omnivore. Om nom nom.

What is the most disgusting thing you have eaten?
Whatever my mom cooks. :<

What is the most expensive food you have eaten?
Ootoro (super fatty tuna) sushi at the Tsukiji fish market in Tokyo. Was a bit over $10 dollars for a single piece of fish on a ball of rice (and it was considered cheap too). Gorgeous marbling – delicious just to look at, and melts in your mouth with an intensity of flavour that is almost…too tuna. The fat disintegrates and coats each grain of the sushi rice just so perfectly; the pleasant and surprising greasiness of the tuna is balanced by the familiar taste and texture of rice. I wanted a second serving, but they ran out (ootoro is found only at the very underside of the fish, and is very rare). So for the rest of the night, I had to settle with chuu-toro, which is the non-super, but still fatty portion of bluefin tuna.

Write me a haiku.
What is a haiku?
How is it different from
Five-seven-five words?

What is an inherently funny word?
Geoduck. gooeyduck. gooeyduck. gooeyduck.

Is good food worth the carbs?
“Nothing tastes better than feeling thin” is a lie.



Pat Yang runs the food society website. He is in Commerce, and one day he will turn this non-profit thing into a huge cash cow. You’ll have to pay membership fees and subscribe. Pat Yang works four jobs and plays soccer and professional poker. Unlike the other execs, he didn’t submit an application. He posted an A+ essay on the Food Society cafe fridge. Only execs know about this cafe and this shiny metallic fridge.

Pat Yang is looking for writers to help him out so he does not have to go to every event. He hates spending money.


Pie or cake?
Cake, New York Cheese Cake. Because of its high satiety level, my family takes more than a week to finish the cake every time I bake it…

Other than food, what interests do you have?
Watching sad movies xd;
Driving x M/T;

What is the best food to eat while watching sports?
What about baby octopus?! You may still be chewing it when the match ends!

What do you think about cows?
They eat and eat until being slaughtered. erh…
meat->juicy steaks;
milk->baked goods;
eyeballs->school labs;
other parts->scientific researches.

Is good food worth the carbs?
Why not! We eat to live and live to eat + delicious food!


What is your favourite cuisine?
I fondly remember going to a Portuguese-Chinese fusion restaurant in New York that was really good.

Savoury or sweet?
After gorging on sweets, I say bring on the savoury.

Pie or cake?

That’s a cruel, cruel question.

Other than food, what interests do you have?

Asian dramas about food.

What is an inherently funny word?
Gonorrhea. Try it a few times (in a non-public place) and you’ll see what I mean. Sorry, I couldn’t think of anything food-related.


Shinji is a DJ who has performed for myriad functions. Lately, he has taken up an interest in food and wishes to be the greatest gourmet in the world. He has already gone to three Three Michelin Star restaurants. Shinji is an international student from Osaka and thinks the Japanese food from Vancouver is very bad. Kawasaki-San disapproves of Chinese people butchering the beautiful traditional food of his culture.


Red is a magical bull from a faraway land. No one knows where Red comes from nor does anyone really care. Red is a special bovine, as his components are cotton and fabric instead of beef and bone. Red can walk and talk as well as fly around while glittering rainbow sparkles follow him around. Red defies the principle of the causal closure and no one knows how he does his business as he has a lack of internal organs and a mouth. Red is a cannibal and likes to rate Chinese beef noodle houses as well as any establishment that sells burgers.

Back in the day, Red fought the atrocities of the world with his trusty sword. Back in 1549, Red ate a lot of pigeon and gravy pies. It remains to this day his favourite food. Red believes the meat pies provided in The Delly pale in comparison but frequents it for $2.50 Fridays. If you fuck with Red, he will kill you.




This is Nat. She makes sure we get funding. I don’t really know Nat, but from this picture she seems pretty hot.

What is your favourite cuisine?
Japanese, fusion of Asian and European cuisines…ummmm…I like to eat a variety, it’s difficult to be decisive…

What is the most disgusting thing you have eaten?
This Chinese dessert that contained grass jelly noodles and seemingly tadpole-looking tapioca specimen in “coconut” sauce. Maybe it was because it was so unappetizing that made me thought it was disgusting. (Photo available upon request)

What is the best city for food?
Cambridge, UK!!!!! Best Tiramisu and Roasted Duck Fried Rice, haven’t found restaurants anywhere else in the world, so far, that can beat the ones in the cosy English city. It’s not just full of smart scholars and intellectuals and the dirty Thames River.

What do you think about cows?
Cows are a cause of global warming, but Japanese Wagyu beef is sooooo tasty -it melts in your mouth.

Is good food worth the carbs?
Good food is definitely worth the carbs! You may not get another chance to try it but you can always work the carbs off!



This is Joey HoHo. Everyone loves Joey HoHo. She plans our events, including two successful runs at Portobello Ristorante.

What is your favourite food?
my favourtie food is chocolate

What is the best city for food?
best city for food- new york

Who is the tastiest member of food society?
im the tasiest member in food soc of course

What is your favourite restaurant?
i dont really have a fav restaruant, because i enjoy to try new restaruants all the time

Who is your favourite celebrity chef?
i have taken a picture with iron chef morimoto in his restaruant in new york

What are your other interests, excluding food?
other than food, i like to watch the food network. or go to hair and fashion websites

Are you very smart?
no i am dum


VP Events

Katina is an events coordinator as well as a writer. She has helped set up many events and one time she went to Australia. Whoa.

What is your favourite food?
Hands down peanut butter and banana sandwich – I eat one almost every day, and never get tired of it.

What is the most disgusting thing you have ever eaten?

Chocolate covered cricket while in Brisbane. It was actually quite tasty – very similar to chocolate covered-peanuts!

What is your signature dish?

Bbq baby back ribs

What is the best city for food?

Vancouver, obviously! We’ve got Chinatown, Little India, Little Italy, Greektown, not to mention sushi galore – where else can you live where you can eat authentic foods from all over the world?

Who is your favourite celebrity chef?

Ricardo Larrivee


Savoury or sweet?
Both! C’mon, haven’t you ever wanted salty stuff after eating sweet food or vice versa? Can’t live without either so definitely not making a choice between the two!

Pie or cake?

Cake all the way.

Can you write a haiku?
Yes. But good ones? Not so much.

What is the best food to eat while watching sports?
Not sure about sports, but best food for couch potatoes on a Friday night is definitely pizza.

Is good food worth the carbs?
Definitely. What else is there to eat besides carbs!



What is your signature dish?
Rainbow chocolate chip cookies

Pie or cake?
I generally prefer cake because I am a chocolate lover so I often go for a slice of chocolate cake if I get the chance.

BUT my mom is the queen of baking pies. She uses a family recipe and bakes them with fresh apples or berries from our garden so if it’s my mom’s pie we are talking…hands down every time!

Is good food worth the carbs?
Heeeeeeeeeell YEAH!

I just make sure to exercise regularly and not overeat. I believe you can eat whatever you want, you just have to watch the portions. Most people gain weight because they eat more than their body needs.

Other than food, what interests do you have?

I love love love to travel. There is no better opportunity to try different foods than while travelling.

Last year I spent the first semester on exchange in Vienna, Austria and the second semester in Leuven, Belgium. EVERYONE SHOULD GO ON EXCHANGE it will be the best experience of your life!!!

Savoury or sweet?

It all depends on what I feel like…generally sweet though. I love sitting down with a good coffee and something sweet to eat. But I”m also a big fan of salty/sweet…ie. chocolate pretzels…



VP Internal

What is your favourite food?
handsdown, tofu and ice cream. I can eat both for days. just not together.

What is your favourite cuisine?
Asian grub of any variety (Malaysian & Thai top the list) & in any form (noodles anyone?) pretty much defines comfort food for me.

Who is your favourite celebrity chef?
Anthony Bourdain. His irreverant humour is gold & I dig his flair for unconventional food commentaries.

For a non-chef dude, Guy Fieri should get brownie points for jazzing up Food Net. His diners show is becoming my new vice!

What do you think about cows?
seeing as my eclectic & widely judged eating habits do revolve around cows, I suppose I have mixed feelings.

I’m a shameless beefaholic but loathe all dairy products- cheese, milk, you name it, I don’t eat it. EXCEPT ice cream. one of my life’s biggest mysteries!

and contrary to popular belief, my life is perfectly delish without pizza & cheesecake. but thanks for asking.

Is good food worth the carbs?
since I’m from the school of thought that good food IS carbs, I completely condone its overconsumption (is there such a thing?) & remain proudly unapologetic about my high carb diet.


Beck’s Assistant

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