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Food Society, or Food Soc, or FSOC depending on what era you are from, has been serving up delicious events since 2006 when a small group of foodies decided there needed to be a club for students interested in filling their tummies. They loved food, and you love food. That’s why you’re here. Gradually the club expanded to include over 400 foodies and is still growing!

We have large events once a month that focuses either on tasting, making, or eating food. We also feature smaller-scale events in the form of Mini Clubs to provide a tighter gathering of ~10 members to connect and share culinary adventures.

Event Calendar

This calendar is subject to change as the years and trends go by:

Event Calendar 2013

Exec Team

Interested in learning about the fantastic executives in the club making your year a tasty one? Choose a team listed by year below!

Exec Profiles 2015-2016

Exec Profiles 2014-2015
Exec Profiles 2013-2014

Exec Profiles 2012-2013
Exec Profiles 2011-2012
Exec Profiles 2010-2011
Exec Profiles 2009-2010

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