Nutrition on Campus… or Lack Thereof

At a campus dominated by greasy residence food, pizza, burgers, fried foods, and baked goods, it can be hard to find healthy alternatives. While the task may seem daunting, there are more healthy alternatives available on campus than one may expect, you just have to look! I’ve included five of my favourites in this article.


  1. Sprouts

Sprouts is a volunteer run café that serves local, organic, vegetarian food. Offering fresh, hearty soups and vegan baked goods for very reasonable prices makes this place a must for anyone with a plant-based diet. In addition to their nutritious soups, sprouts also focuses on sustainability and don’t offer any to-go boxes in order to reduce waste. Not only do they have healthy food, but they’re environmentally sustainability as well!

Visit their website here:

  1. Agora

Agora café is similar to Sprouts in that it is volunteer-run. Located in the basement of MacMillan, they offer vegan and vegetarian food for reasonable prices. Offering soup, sandwiches, salad, and a rotating frittata and entrée dish daily there is always something for everyone! Agora is a great place to visit if you’re looking for a well-balanced, healthy meal made with fresh ingredients on campus.

Visit their website here:

  1. The Point Grill

While the first thing that may come to mind about this restaurant is their burgers, they also have a variety of healthy options available. From soups and salads to an avocado chicken wrap to their fall Buddha bowl, there are quite a few options for someone looking for a balanced meal. Located in Marine Drive Residence, this restaurant is definitely a favourite of mine for nutritious food on campus.

Visit their website here:

  1. The Loop Café

The Loop Café is located in the CIRS building and offers meals made with seasonal, local ingredients. Whenever possible, ingredients for their soups and entrees are sourced from UBC farm. There’s always a variety of food to choose from, including a salad bar, soups, curries, wraps, and more. Not only is the food fresh and local, the café also focuses on sustainability and everything is compostable. Not only will you get a fresh, balanced meal, but you’re helping the environment too!

Visit their website here:

  1. The Delly

Located conveniently in the basement of the Nest, the Delly is a one-stop shop for anything you may need. They offer sandwiches, curries, wraps and more. Sandwiches offered here are customizable and, with vegan, vegetarian and omnivore options, you’re sure to find (or create) something you like! If you’re ever in a rush, the Delly is the place to go to pick up food in a jiffy.

Visit their website here:


UBC has so many hidden healthy options, both vegetarian and omnivore, you no longer have a reason to procrastinate eating better on campus.


Article by: Heather Ranger

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