When is too many too much?

I figured to celebrate 2nd semester I would try something different and share a little “day in the life of” in which I hope you find some amusement (and don’t worry, there is food involved!). To understand this story though, there are 3 things you need to know about me.

  1.       I live in a house with a lot of other students.
  2.       I absolutely love it.
  3.       Truth is subjective and there was really only 2 things I needed to say.

Anyways, this story begins a couple weeks ago whilst I was getting ready for my Friday night. As per usual in my house, there were a few of us in the living room doing an eclectic mix of pregaming, procrastinating and complaining about that crappy 9$ sandwich we ate for lunch. I was casually browsing through the internet, looking for anything mildly amusing to go with my cheap pregame beer when I found just what I was looking for! A story about a man who ate nothing but Nutella for a week! I guess you could say that says something about me. I devoured the story in a minute and before I knew it I was telling everyone in the room about this hilariously tempting challenge. As the conversation started to get rolling, everyone had many different takes on the situation.

“That sounds disgusting, obviously he got sick!”

“I probably already do that”

“I definitely already do that”

“I could eat guacamole for a week straight”

“My brother’s friend’s cousin’s neighbour once….”

“It’s a great method of dieting if you want to never eat Nutella again!”

This was the comment that prompted me to speak again.

“You’re right” I replied

“In fact, I bet there’s nothing that could be eaten for a week straight without the consumer becoming forever sick of that food”

And just like that, an opponent rose to the challenge. Out of the crowd emerged my housemate who we will call Astrid. Tall, beautiful and ready to fight, she cut right to the point and declared that she could eat bananas for a week straight and still not be sick of them. Although I am not a betting man, I was confident that this was a wager I could most definitely win if I made it. We laid down the ground rules as this:

From that moment until exactly a week from then, Astrid would only be allowed to consume bananas, water and a daily mix of multivitamins so that she didn’t die from some deficient or something. At stake was the price of the bananas and bragging rights that would most definitely be rubbed in the loser’s face for all eternity.

We quickly came to an agreement, shook hands like our business portfolios depended on it and signed a contract that someone randomly made up in that short period of time. It was a done deal, and the first thing was to go grocery shopping.

The next day, the entire house accompanied Astrid to the grocery store just so we could see the look on the cashier’s face as he struggled to make a banana joke under the overwhelming yellow that consumed his conveyor belt. Astrid had done the math, and according to her calculations she would need to eat 5 bananas per meal to ensure she was receiving enough calories and nutrients to sustain her through the day. Turned out she was wrong and actually ate closer to 20 bananas a day, which still probably wasn’t enough. During that entire week, all eyes were on Astrid. The whole house, along with all of our friends and acquaintances were in the loop and wouldn’t let a minute go by without making some cheap joke about the cruel slender yellow fruit that now dominated Astrid’s life. And of course as the week slowly passed, I also started to become more worried. Had I made a mistake in thinking it impossible to consume the same thing for 7 days straight? Were bananas fundamentally different from any other food in that they had no limit on their consumption? Were bananas the answer to life itself?


Before I knew it, Friday was upon us again and we were back where we started, pregaming, procrastinating and complaining with a cheap beer in hand. The official deadline had been 7pm and it was truly a momentous occasion as we did a faux New Years eve countdown to the end of my terrible misjudgement. Astrid was still standing strong, and to prove she was not sick of the all too familiar fruit she ate another one as we reflected on the outcomes. Our conclusions were positive ones. Astrid had lost 5lb in the span of a week, had produce almost zero waste since all she disposed of were peels, and the total cost of the bananas came to only 35$.

“So now that you can eat anything you want, what’s next on the menu?” I asked her.

“Well it is a Friday night” she replied with a triumphant smile,

“So it’ll have to be a cold one!”

Like the typical university students we are, we binged on alcohol & greasy food, laughed about our week and cried about our deadlines. In the end, I learnt that when 35$ is on the line and you’re a broke college student, anything is possible (except Nutella for a week, don’t even think about it.)

Hope y’all enjoyed this little snippet into what I call my day-to-day and remember to eat your fruits and veggies kids.



Feature photo: Flexport

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