Sugar Cubed Miniclub: Crackle Crème

Crackle Crème: Sugarcubed Event Numéro Deux!

It was a new year and the first month of the Term 2! Sugar Cubed gathered on Sunday, Jan 28 to celebrate the sweetness of life. Crackle Crème’s entire concept is based on crème brûlée, and it was thoroughly enjoyed by the foodsoc members.

Crackle Crème

The cafe is small and only has bar seating, in case you would like to eat your dessert right away (who wouldn’t give in to this sweet temptation!?). We managed to fit all our members in a row with a view facing the street, giving us the opportunity to take some hype pictures.


The dessert was brought to the counter and the sugar caramelized in front of us with a blow torch. The restaurant has a very cosy atmosphere with thoughtful lighting and ambience. During our visit, there was only one staff handling all the orders and food preparation, so it was impressive that we received our food and got seated without long delays.

The Food

When you collect your crème brûlée, the fragrance of the custard mingling with burnt sugar is the first thing that hits you. The flavours offered are unique and innovative. Each different flavour selection stands out in every bite, and I was left scraping the sides of my ramekin for more of the custard. Crème brûlée is the perfect harmonious combination of taste and texture and gives the peak flavour and mouthfeel experience. I tried 8 different flavours that day; Earl Grey, Honey lavender, Matcha, Thai red tea, Pandan coconut, Salted caramel, Mango coconut, and Baileys. I ended up packing four to go and thoroughly delighted myself with stealing bites from my friends. 

For some of us, it was our very first time trying crème brûlée! Nonetheless, it was much enjoyed by all who came. Below is foodsoc member Siqi savouring her first bite of crème brûlée ever.


The veteran crème brûlée lover watching over the first-timer (or rather, her dessert)!

The creamy and eggy consistency of the dessert is wonderful. Some of my friends are not able to eat eggs, but this cafe delivers the vegan-friendly options with great flavour! I tried the mango coconut vegan crème brûlée that my friend ordered, and I loved it. It’s not the same consistency as the rest of the flavours with custard made from egg, but Crackle Crème still accomplishes an excellent work of art with each flavour. The price of crème brûlée ranges from $5-$6 depending on the flavour.

Besides crème brûlée, Crackle Crème also makes their own macarons (box of 6 for $18.50) and Liege waffles ($3.75 without toppings). The waffles are made in-house beforehand and placed behind a glass on display, and then heated up again on the waffle iron upon placing an order. Therefore, the texture is not what I expected. It tastes soft, with the texture of a good warm cupcake. You have the option of adding ice-cream on top of the waffle, but that might have been “too much sweetness for a day” (not my words, but Hadi’s).

Did you really eat it if you didn’t snap it? 
Look at these adorable Studio Ghibli, Pokemon, and Sanrio inspired macarons!


Taste: 🐶 🐶 🐶 🐶/5

Price: 🐶🐶/5

Environment: 🐶🐶🐶/5

Service: 🐶 🐶 🐶 🐶/5

Concept: 🐶 🐶 🐶 🐶/5

My top recommendation: Pandan coconut crème brûlée !!

Note: this cafe does not have a washroom, which prevented some of us from staying longer than we wanted :(( We all enjoyed the time spent here at this cute, welcoming, and comfortable cafe. I would definitely come back again, you don’t even have to ask me twice. I was so happy to meet new people and also catch up with foodsoc friends. I hope to see you guys at the next event, so stay tuned for more info in the facebook group!


Much love and sweetness,

Shalom Chen 🐶

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