The Scoop on Vancity’s Best Ice Cream Places

It seems like practically everyday a new ice cream trends pops up on my Instagram feed, and then a week later somewhere in Vancouver allows you to taste the trend. I for one, take eating ice cream very seriously. The most important thing for me when it comes to ice cream is, is this it good enough that I can actually finish it and get my money’s worth? The following places are definitely worth it and I can assure that you will be screaming for, because after all, we all scream for ice cream!

To start we have On Yogurt, a place that has mastered the rolled ice cream trend extremely well. I decided to order one of their featured items on the menu, the Crunchy Bite, which includes the original flavoured yogurt/gelato along with Oreo, caramel and Skor bits – three of my favourite toppings! It was really interesting to see that they had combined yogurt and gelato. It was the perfect size, extremely light and I wish I could go back and have eaten it slower to savour every bite!




Next we have Mister Artisan Ice Cream, who capitalized on the liquid nitrogen trend. But let me say, they captured the trend amazingly. Their ice cream is simple in design and is extremely creamy and smooth – the perfect combination. The crème brûlée flavour is a must-try, and they even use a torch for the top. In addition to their normal ice cream, they also have ice cream sandwiches, for all the sandwich lover out there. The flavours for the sandwiches change throughout the week. If you love Oreos, try the Oreo ice cream sandwich – you can thank me later. Throughout this past summer, Mister also picked up on the charcoal ice cream and cone trend, so if you’re looking for an aesthetic addition to your Instagram feed, Mister is the place to go.


If you are looking for  classic soft serve with a twist, Soft Peaks is your best bet. They are tasty but “healthy” at the same time – they use organic milk. At least, I tell myself it’s healthy to help justify it. They have three flavours of soft serve to choose from: original, dark chocolate, and twist. After choosing your flavour, you choose your combination of flavours (they already have them categorized). For me, I chose to have original soft serve with the Gastown toppings. This includs different tiramisu toppings. As a lover of tiramisu and soft serve, this was a match made in heaven for me. They also have simpler options such as the North Pole Breakfast which is their signature twist with the toppings being cornflakes. They have something for everyone!




Lastly, the famous Rain or Shine! Let’s be real, I only chose to come to UBC because they opened a Rain or Shine on campus. It truly is as amazing as everyone says it is. They have a wide variety of flavours. They are all egg free, many are gluten free and they even have vegan options. To add to all this, they have Taco Tuesdays! Essentially you choose 1-2 ice cream flavours and your toppings and they serve it you in a waffle cone taco. It is exactly what you are imagining – pure perfection. Coffee toffee and malted milk chocolate are the flavours that I would highly recommend. It’s called Rain or Shine for a reason, because you truly can have it when it is pouring rain outside.



All of the places above are must tries; each one has something about it that makes it unique from the others. Although many people prefer simple no topping ice cream, all of the above are able to simply offer that, but with a spark!


Author: Alina Husain

Featured photo: Mister Instagram (@madebymister)

In-article photos: Alina Husain

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