Cheat Day #1- Cocoru

Our first Cheat Day meal took place at Cocoru on November 26th, 2017. The cozy restaurant served Korean Fried Chicken, and provided a warm ambiance fitting for a group of new friends to get acquainted with one another. The 6 of us ordered 4 enormous platters of boneless chickens, each at a cost of $23 (very worth!). Of these 4 platters, we ordered the Soonsal Yangnyeom, Soy Garlic, Dak-Gang-Jeong, Pa-Dak flavours. Each had its own unique aroma and taste. My personal favourite was the Dak-Gang-Jeong, which had a spicy zest that separated it from the other flavours.

Although it was a very filling meal, a few of us wanted to make the most of our Cheat Day and continued the bulk across the street at Snowy Village Dessert Café. We indulged ourselves in the Espresso bingsoo, which was served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, chocolate powder, condensed milk, and a shot of espresso! We also ordered the Blueberry bingsoo, which contained real blueberries and was topped off with a hearty portion of whipped cream. Both flavours were as creamy and delicious as we’ve come to expect from the popular dessert hotspot.

All in all, Kevin and I had a blast meeting all of you and can’t wait for our next cheat day together! Remember: swole is the goal, size is the prize. It’s gains o’clock y’all. Let’s GOOO .



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