Sugar Cubed miniclub: Passion 8 Dessert Cafe

Before the winter officially came, Sugar Cubed mini-club members gathered at Passion 8 Dessert Cafe on November 18, 2017  to enjoy some icy sweets! The food there looked incredible and definitely “instagrammable”. We all had an amazing time getting to know each other over some delicious desserts and fun games.

Passion 8 Dessert Cafe

Passion 8’s signature desserts are Snow Mountains, benchmarked Taiwanese shaved ice. They also serve amazing sizzling hot sweet toasts, various drinks and cakes. The interior design is super cute and relaxing, a perfect place to chill.

The Food & Drinks

We ordered four hot toasts, two drinks and three Snow Mountains in total. We tried each other’s food and found everything super yummy!

The Tiramisu Snow Mountain has a big piece of tiramisu on top and is garnished with cocoa powder and shaved chocolate, served with a small cup of chocolate sauce on the side to add more flavours. If you love desserts but prefer a rich and less sugary taste, this one will be the perfect choice for you!

This is Motcha Snow Mountain, a combination of whipped cream, motcha powder, mocha, red bean paste and a slice of dried orange. It has a mild sweetness and the motcha flavour is refreshing and authentic, though not very strong.

Their toasts are all served on a sizzling pan, from left to right are multigrain toast, Nutella toast and orange cream cheese toast, they all look amazing! All kinds of toasts have a piece of toast on the bottom, topped with flaky pastry crust and whipped cream.

I tried a bit of each kind but my favourite is my own order, the orange cream cheese. The cream cheese is supposed to be heavy but when it goes with refreshing orange marmalade it just makes a perfect combination. Multigrain is less sweeter and has a decent piece of mochi beneath the crust, which adds an interesting texture. Nothing can go wrong with a Nutella dessert! The Nutella toast is perfectly chocolatey, the slightly melted marshmallows make it even more comforting.

Shalom and I were so happy to meet our lovely members, and we can’t wait to explore more sweets together!


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