In need of a last minute costume? Dress up as your favorite thing, food!

No matter how much you love Halloween, there’s some people (like me) who always leave everything to the last minute. I’m here to help fellow procrastinators pull it together in time for another spooky time no matter what Halloween party you’re going to. Here are the three basic forms of costume to which I hope you will find some inspiration!

First off, The Store Bought.

If you have absolutely zero artist ability and a credit card you haven’t yet maxed out   
by the end of the month, then this is the costume for you!
The beauty of these costumes comes from the simplicity of just slipping into a suit
without having to worry about a bunch of different parts like some outfits,
along with easy accessibility to name brand items like Mr. Kool Aid right over here.


Store Bought is not always the way to go however, as these costumes can sometimes be on the pricey side, or may be so cheap that you feel like you’re wearing toilet paper. As you weigh these pros and cons, please consider these adorable babies in store bought costumes and remember that no matter how badly you wish, it’s the costumes, not the babies, that are for sale.

Next up, we have The Box.

For this one, your artistic ability is the limit! All you need is a cardboard box big enough to fit inside, a pair of scissors and a variety of paint & brushes. The basis of the disguise is that you cut three holes, one on top and two on the sides so that you may slip into this square magnificence like a silk nightgown. Next, you paint whatever you want on it and hope it dries before the party! (Remember, we are doing this last minute!) See below for inspiration.

You are what you eat. The candy, not the child.
Looks like someone got into the fun juice! #not100%juice
Where would we be without the occasional (or daily) takeout dinner?

While these costume ideas may seem like a god sent, there is always this dilemma to consider:

Don’t expect to receive any physical contact for the duration of the night, and any form of dancing is pretty much out of the question.





Last but not least, The Shirt!

This one has it all, it’s easy, cheap, allows free movement and won’t give away the fact that you only thought it up a couple hours before.

Sweet Squad

Looking fruity, girls!
Pretty sure this girl just wanted to eat popcorn all night and I am totally for that.

There you have it! All the last minute costumes a procrastinating student could need! Hopefully something caught your eye and is in the realm of feasibility for you, and if not then I pray that you find a cowboy hat somewhere in the back of your closet.

Happy Halloween y’all!


Author: Nic Huige

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