Food Society Meets UBC’s Rain or Shine!

Disclaimer: This article is solely the writer’s opinion and does not necessarily represent the views of UBC Food Society.


A new ice cream shop has opened up at UBC on University Blvd. Many of you probably already know, but it is no other than Rain or Shine Ice Cream! Ever since they opened their doors, UBC students just can’t seem to get enough. So, we rushed over to visit the store ourselves and tried out their ice cream.

On first glance, the shop itself is quite a bit smaller than its other locations on W 4th, and Cambie, with plenty of seating outdoors. We ordered three of the singles two flavours in a cup, For its price, you get a lot of ice cream.

First off, we have their Cracked Mint and London Fog. The Cracked mint has a cool refreshing flavour containing thinly shaved chocolate that is not too overpowering. While, you can never go wrong with a popular flavour like London Fog, reminiscent of the earl grey drink that you can get at coffee shops.

To follow, we also tried the flavours Honey Lavender, and Coffee Toffee. Honey Lavender is quite sweet, however it also has a strong floral flavour. Its creaminess makes this ice cream quite rich. This flavour went well with Coffee Toffee, which was very bitter-sweet.

Lastly, we had salted caramel and blueberry balsamic. The salted caramel was rich due to its sweet, buttery taste. This was neutralized with blueberry balsamic, which is more tangy and fruity. It had bits of blueberry mixed with swirls of balsamic vinegar. Despite this interesting combination, it still tasted rather delicious.

There are also optional toppings that can be added to ice cream such as candied hazelnuts, waffle cone pieces, and caramel sauce and more. Did i also mention that their waffle cones are made fresh in front of your eyes?! Besides ice cream, Rain or Shine also offers a few flavours of milkshakes.

Overall, I would recommend this ice cream shop for days where you are craving a sweet treat. This time, we stuck to more of their classic flavours but we will definitely be back to try other flavours and their milkshakes!

Rain or Shine at the UBC campus is open noon-10 seven days a week at 6001 University boulevard.


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