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Shahi Tukra: Royal Bites


This is a Mughal “bread pudding”  that is simply delicious and evokes memories from back home…

Back in the day, the Indian Subcontinent was a melting pot of cultures thanks to the rulers’ keen interest in world cuisine. They hired specialist chefs, known as  khansamas who were connoisseurs of all delicacies from around the world. Shahi means royal in Persian, and tukra means piece/bite in Hindi-Urdu-Bengali. Legend has it that the emperors had it when they broke their fast in Ramadan, and on day of the Muslim festival of Eid.




Milk                2 litres

Sugar              To preference

Bread              1 loaf

Ghee (clarified butter)

Pistachios and saffron for garnishing


  1. Reduce the sweetened milk to half by gently simmering it
  2. Cut the bread into medium sized pieces and deep fry in ghee.
  3. Soak the bread in the milk and garnish the soaked bread with pistachios and saffron
  4. Pour the remaining milk over the bread and serve

Caramel Custard

This dish is quite similar to the French crème caramel; a favourite anywhere around the world. The birth of dish is in Europe, where the Romans developed the concept of cooking with eggs, and the Arabs brought along their love for sweetened custards.


Milk                                      500 ml

Sugar                                     half cup

Eggs                                      4

Vanilla Essence                1/8th tea spoon



  1. Caramelize 2 tablespoons of sugar in your oven tray.
  2. Beat the eggs, and add it to the milk with the vanilla
  3. Pour it to your oven dish, add the sugar
  4. Put the oven tray in a larger pot and submerge half of the smaller pot in water.
  5. Cover and cook in medium heat for 30/40 minutes.


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