I <3 Matcha Event No. 1

I <3 Matcha’s Kickoff Event took place on Sunday, January 15 at TMix Tea & Dessert Bar! We had a great turn out, and everyone loved the matcha desserts and drinks they ordered.

Some members were unable to come, however, everyone had an amazing time getting to know each other over some delicious food & drinks.

TMix Tea & Dessert Bar (Cambie location)

TMix Tea & Dessert Bar is conveniently located on Cambie St. beside a movie theatre and near a number of restaurants. It is quite a popular location for late night bubble teas and afternoon snacks. Their menu consists of macaroons, ice cream, a selection of hot and cold drinks, bubble waffles, and much more.

This place can get quite busy on Friday and Saturday nights, and so we decided to go on a Sunday night 🙂

The Food & Drinks

Everyone ordered a variety of desserts and drinks at TMix. Some members chose to stick to the theme of the club and order something with matcha, and some tried unique items from the menu.

 Matcha & Chocolate Lava Cake


Smores Bubble Waffle

Matcha Bubble Waffle w/Matcha Ice Cream

Regular Bubble Waffle w/ Lavendar White Chocolate Ice Cream

I tried the matcha lava cake, and I will definitely be going back to eat it there again! Everyone who attended received a VIP card courtesy of TMix. After we finished eating, we ended with a raffle draw for some matcha pocky and a $20 TMix gift card.

I had a great time getting to know the members in my club, and I’m looking forward to planning the next event with everyone in February!


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