Sous Vide: Cook Your Food Perfectly, Every Time

For the average university student, cooking is an arduous chore which churns out sub mediocre results which pale in comparison to restaurant food. Suffer no more! Sous vide is the solution to your cooking woes.

Although “sous vide” can sound intimidating to an amateur chef, it really is a super simple concept: Cooking food at a controlled temperature to get the perfect result every time.

Despite being a highly difficult task when first invented, we now have the benefits of sous vide machines that carefully regulate water temperature. After heating a container of water to your desired temperature and carefully packing all the delicious ingredients into a plastic bag, all you need to do is submerge and wait.

Sous vide is as simple as placing your ingredients in a plastic bag and submerging.

The time and temperature needed for any dish can be found online. Whether you like your steak medium rare or well done, all you need to do is use the correct time and temperature and you will reach your desired doneness every time. Once the wait is over, you’re left with a flavor concentrated dish, due to all the ingredients packed together, cooked evenly throughout.

Sous vide can help you avoid soggy veggies.

Sous vide is especially useful for cooking meats as it allows for a uniform doneness without needing to constantly monitor the cooking process. The only way you could mess the sous vide process up is if you get impatient and take your food out early, or you use the wrong temperature.

On the outside these two steaks both have a nice sear, however, the one on the left was cooked using sous vide allowing for a uniform doneness.

Although sous vide cooking is a great innovation that has revolutionized how we cook, it does have some drawbacks. The two biggest being time and safety. Because the process uses lower temperatures, food takes longer to cook and forces people to plan meals ahead. It also takes a long time to heat the water to the desired temperature. The low temperatures also run the risk of incompletely killing bacteria found in raw food. Because of this, make sure to be patient and wait until your water has reached the desired temperature and that the food has been submerged for the times given online.

Overall sous vide cooking is a technique which should be utilized by any aspiring chef and it can also be a tool to ease the cooking process so that amateurs can save money on eating out. Sous vide machines can be purchased for under $200 and paired with any kind of water container to become functional. Furthermore you can use any food safe plastic bags, even Ziplocs, to avoid any high recurring costs.

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