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Comfort Food Nov || Veg Vibes’ first kickoff event took place during the last weekend of November at Meet on Main.. and the theme of the month was Comfort Food! (Vegan, plant-based comfort food of course. :3)

Unfortunately, due to exam period, some members couldn’t make it to the event. But it was great meeting those who did!

The Restaurant

Meet on Main is a popular vegan eatery on Main Street, featuring their famous “meet” burgers and other classic comfort dishes veganized. This past year, they have also expanded to their second location in Gastown, aka “Meet in Gastown”.


This restaurant is usually packed during weekend evenings, but we came right at opening and were seated in the middle long communal table. Keep in mind that they don’t take reservations, so either come during down times or be prepared to wait in line!


The Food

Most of our members ordered their burgers, specifically the “Meet Burger”. Served with lettuce, tomatoes and foccacia buns, their burgers also come with a side of French fries and salad.

Pictured here is an “Angry Burg”. Gotta love the spice!

The resemblance to a real meat patty is shockingly close! Our members, some who were not yet plant-based, found their burgers substantial and weren’t disappointed by the texture or taste.

I decided to go for something different, and ordered the “Noodle-y Thai”. A nice mix of rice noodles, veggies and marinated tofu, with a refreshing almond thai sauce and some toasted cashews for good measures.


Overall, their food is very satisfying and having had a bite of their burger, I would even recommend it to our “meet”-eating friends. Places like this kills the stigma against plant-based cuisine, because yes, plant-based can be healthy and delicious!


Looking forward for more plant-based foodie adventures in Sem 2.. but until next time..

Keep Calm & Veg On,

Rachel Ma

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