Itadakimasu: Gyu-Kaku

So we’re wrapping up this month’s Itadakimasu 2015/16 miniclub at Gyu-kaku (Broadway location) !

Being only 1 of 3 locations in Canada, we went to the most conveniently located one, which is 1 bus commute away from UBC bus loop (99 express). Gyu-kaku services made it easy to call in for reservation and we got a huge table for 6 on Saturday evening during the Easter holiday long weekend.

The group decided to get the Shogun special (sharable between 6 people for $120) which came to us in 3 sets: appetizers first, fast-cooking meat second, and slow-cooking meat last.

The first set of food to come out were the appetizers:
IMG_4892 IMG_4891
(Left: Edamame, right: salad and deep fried gyoza)

Next we had our first round of meat to grill!
Servers will tell you what the meat is, and how long to cook it for.
Once you’re done grilling, you’ll have three choices of dipping sauce to flavour your meat with~
IMG_4903 IMG_4901

IMG_4894  IMG_4896

And then the second round came after servers cleared up empty plates, refilled tea cups, and cleaned our grill~
IMG_4900  IMG_4910
Some members decided to try out some alcoholic beverages to go with their meals (don’t forget to bring your ID!)

Saving Gyu-kaku for the last event was definitely worth breaking the budget!
The service was fantastic, and you save a bit of money if you come during Happy Hour !


And that sums up our last dine-out story for this year~
Thanks for tuning in to Itadakimasu’s food adventures!
Happy nomming, foodies!

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