Itadakimasu: Sushi S

Who’s up for dinner and a movie?

(Caterpillar Roll)

IMG_4610 (Toro and Uni (seasonal) Nigiri)

2016 seems to be the year for movies (especially those categorized under ACTION) !
For last month’s event (February), the few of us decided to catch an early dinner and a movie in Burnaby area!

If anyone else is in the Metrotown area, why not stop by Sushi S to grab a bite of some delicious, unique sushi!
This Korean-owned sushi restaurant is tucked away in a small plaza at the intersection of Willingdon and Moscrop.

IMG_4592(Assorted Nigiri at a reasonable price)

IMG_4593Volcano Roll – A base made of fresh leafy salad, structured by a deep fried sushi mountain, topped spicy salmon sashimi. Possibly one of the most photogenic Volcano Rolls you can find. Sushi S takes plating to a new level with this plate. The concept of eating a “volcano” roll is really emphasized when you realize all the red sauce oozing from the top of the sushi mountain is a special spicy sauce that brings out the heat from the dish!

IMG_4589(Close up of the Red Roll)
Sushi S is known for their unique take on Speciality Rolls thanks to their wide array of specialty sauces.

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