Cafe Jens: Beta5 Chocolates & MatchStick Coffee Roaster

A little throwback to Cafe Jens’ first adventure with my lovely members… It was definitely a day to remember- chatting over crazy things we have done in university with good coffee and cream puffs. The event ended 2 hours later than scheduled because the conversation was too good to end.  Aashim and I are proud to lead this lovely bunch of foodies!

Group Photo! (LOL at the guy that photobombed us)


First Stop! Beta5!

Beta5 chocolates address: 413 Industrial Avenue, Vancouver, BC V6A 2P3


Dessert suggestion: Their signature creampuffs and chocolates

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It was my first time transiting to Beta5 so I actually got lost and walked around science world for a good 30 minutes… Shout out to my co-leader Aashim for saving me :’) Moral of the story: Please travel with friends that have no sense of direction A.K.A me.

But it was worth it, I’d get lost a thousand times just to eat you… tonight (okay I need to stop), but seriously Beta was definitely worth the hype, not overrated at all.

Starting from top right, I got Raspberry Earl Grey, Salted Caramel, Apple Pie and Vietnamese Coffee.

Earl Grey is one of my favourite flavours so as soon as I saw the word Earl Grey I knew I had to get it. It was a little disappointing though, the earl grey cream was perfect but the raspberry filling was really sour, I don’t recommend getting this flavour unless you like intense sour flavours. In other words, If you enjoy eating sour keys (which I don’t), then you will probably be okay with this flavour.

But thank godness other flavours did not disappoint!

Salted Caramel is always a safe choice, I love it on almost anything, ice cream, macarons, cakes, milkshakes, a new soon-to-be classic?!

Apple Pie: This one legit tasted like an apple pie but the cream puff version of it, apple pie lovers will love it!

Lastly… Vietnamese Coffee! The most unique flavour out of all, and it was also my favourite. The blue fondant on the top tasted exactly like a concentrated cup of Vietnamese coffee (For those of you who doesn’t know what a Vietnamese coffee is, it’s made with dark roast coffee brewed with a drip filter into a cup containing sweetened condensed milk, stirred and poured over ice). The condensed milk filling was surprising subtle, not as sweet as I thought it would be which was a nice touch.

I strongly suggest Beta5 to open an actual cafe so people could actually sit and enjoy their sweets, nonetheless, a place worth visiting!

After indulging over those glorious puffs, we headed to MatchStick Coffee Roaster, one of the “hippy” cafes in town!

address: 213 East Georgia Street, Vancouver, BC V6A 0B1


Coffee suggestions: latte, machiatto, brewed coffee (with coffee beans from Guatemala, Ethiopia & Kenya)

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I chose this place as our second stop because I’ve studied here before and I was impressed by how spacious it is. A great place for group hangouts as well as individual study sessions. If you are interested in exotic coffee flavours, I recommend their coffee beans from Africa!

Since I ate 4 cream puffs at Beta, I only got a cup of latte, flavours were bold and pure as usual! Some of my members also got vegan cookies and pastries and we basically sat there for 3 hours talking. (Cafe date goals!!?!)

Although the day started off rough, it ended pretty well, Aashim and I got the chance to meet most of our members and we had a good time!

Lastly, a special thank you to Kathy, our VP MiniClub for joining Cafe Jens’ first event! 🙂

Till Next Time,

XOXO Jens <3




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