Asian Fever: Soho Tea Room

It is school time again! With all those midterms and assignments, great food is essential for us to destress. Last Saturday, we went to the Soho Tea Room for some instagram-worthy toastbox. The restaurant itself is really casual and great for a bunch of friends to chill and chat.

The toastbox we order was “Banoffee”. It was one of their specials and it was topped with banana ice cream, caramel sauce and banana pudding flavoured toast. The toast was more on the soft side and very flavourful. The ice cream was creamy and rich (how can it go wrong!). They also have a Baileys and coffee themed toast box which I would definitely go back and try! Other than desserts, we also order a savory item to balance out the sweets. The baked pork chop rice was pretty amazing. The tomato sauce was thick enough and goes well with the fried rice. The tender and juicy chops also helped to elevate the dish. Overall, it was a great night with delicious food!




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