Itadakimasu: 1/2 ROLL and KUMA Japanese Restaurants

Aaaand ITADAKIMASU! is back to kickstart this semester’s dine out adventures!
This month’s theme for restaurant locations is: YAKI (translated: “grilled”)

1/2 Roll Japanese Grill and Sushi Bar
Located in the popular Main Street food district (4148 Main St)
As the name of their restaurant states, you can order your meals in HALF rolls !
Convenient for those who want to try an assorted array of sushi and -yaki related foods!
OR, check out this restaurant’s selection of ROBATA (translated: “fireside-cooking”)
[Click for coupons]

12549135_10201098321335571_7914987087596675582_n    12509108_10201098321455574_5311710653657481860_n
(Pictured from left to right: takoyaki, yakisoba, and sunomono)

12494974_10201098321175567_2355724119004092100_n  12592195_10201098321775582_2115951056385160146_n  12508684_10201098321055564_6037147728624707717_n
(from left to right: okonomiyaki, bacon and scallop robatayaki (skewer), and tuna tataki)

Saturday, January 23rd’s group

KUMA Japanese Restaurant
Located at 3446 Dunbar St – only 15 minutes away from campus by Bus (25 or 33 route)
A great location to grab a bite after class with some classmates or friends!
KUMA is known for their more authentic take on Kansai style OKONOMIYAKI
(A more traditional food of Japan’s Osaka prefecture)
The dining area is small (at best, can seat approximately 15-20 customers),
however, it doesn’t seem to be too busy during the weekday except for peak dinner hours (from 6-7PM)
An interesting feature is that the waitresses are uniformed in kimonos

12631482_10207907621064882_485224790264912855_nVegetarian okonomiyaki ($12.95) + yakisoba (+$2.50)
Pick from your choice of beef, pork, chicken, prawn, squid or assorted seafood.
Other toppings are cheese and kimchi for a $2.00 additional charge.

We all enjoyed our own hot iron-cast plate of okonomiyaki !
One is definitely enough to fill your stomach! But the menu includes other options (such as sushi)


A side note: it takes awhile for the okonomiyaki to come out
(we waited about 30 minutes for all 4 to come out at the same time)

Thursday, January 28th’s group
Here’s hoping you foodies will find the time to check out these delicious restaurants!
Stay tune for next month’s ITADAKIMASU food adventures!

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