Itadakimasu: Ramen DANBO and JINYA

Happy December Foodies!

Rose and Mika here reporting back from our early December dine-outs!
Is the cold Raincouver weather getting to you?
How about trying some delicious Japanese Ramen to warm you up?

Ramen Danbo – 1833 West 4th Avenue

For the first day of this months dine out, Mika’s group went to Ramen Danbo in Kitsilano with two others from UBC campus to celebrate the last day of classes. (The 84 bus from the bus loop takes you right there!)

(Pan fried Gyoza (Set ‘C’) +$4.00)

There are five tonkotsu based soups you can choose from, and then you can choose the thickness of the noodle, firmness, amount of lard in the soup, spiciness and thickness of broth.

I had the Blazing Hot Rekka Ramen. For this ramen, I could choose how many times I wanted the ramen to be spicy. I chose 5 times spicy. – Mika

IMG_3965(Classic Tonkotsu Ramen – $9.45)

IMG_3966(Blazing Hot Rekka Ramen – $10.45)


All of our ramen were a bit spicy and good to warm up on the cold day.
The portions were too small for us so after we finished all of the noodles, we ordered Kaedama (extra noodles) for $2.00.
We also ordered extra toppings such as egg and nori. The egg was perfectly soft boiled!

It was lunch time when we went, so one of the members ordered the lunch set, which came with gyoza and an extra topping for the ramen.

Besides the small portion size, this ramen place is so good!

Ramen JINYA – 270 Robson Street

On the second day of dine-outs, the 4 of us ventured to downtown by Central Library for some ramen on a cold, stormy, Vancouver afternoon! Due to the convenient location, some of us decided to go across the street to study at the library afterwards 😛 There was a waiting list outside to put your name down and the number of people in your party. The wait time varies from 10-20 minutes and you can take shelter at the tables outside of the restaurant.

IMG_3935(5 pcs Crispy Chicken – $5.80)
The crispy chicken was succulent. The crispy outside keeps the tender chicken meat inside juicy. It’s lightly seasoned and comes with a vinegar-soy sauce dip. It’s a good dish to share (or have as an appetizer).

(6 pcs Pork Gyoza – $4.95)

IMG_3942(Cha Cha Cha for Garlic Lovers – $14.50)
This bowl of ramen comes with thicker noodles compared to the two other ramen dishes on this blog post. It’s for those who prefer a thicker, richer broth because the broth was a little overwhelmed with pork fat.

IMG_3941(Tonkatsu Black – $12.95)

IMG_3940(Spicy Chicken Ramen – $11.95)
There are 3 spice levels: Mild, Hot, Spicy (strange, but this is how they asked it)
I ordered the spiciest one, and it’s not recommended for those who can’t handle the heat (it was pretty spicy!)
The one thing I regret was that this bowl of ramen did not include a soft boiled egg 🙁
If you try this, don’t forget to add an egg for $1.00! I think the soft boiled egg completes a ramen bowl. – Rose

First rounds of finals begin tomorrow!
Good luck studying all, hope to see you next month!
Happy eating food-tastic people~

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