The Amazing Foodie Race…let rain not slow us down

I like saying that the only reason I exercise is to eat more. And what funner way to “earn” your food than a series of active challenges that get you movin’ all across the city and challenge you and your friends in a game of mental, physical, and team stamina? Enter the Amazing Foodie Race 2015.

This year’s race was bigger than ever before. Instead of sticking to an area like Granville Island, team members were hopping on and off trains from downtown to the airport and even Escape.

Challenge 1

Teams were challenged to taste and identify correctly the labels of baby food, which is quite difficult (and kind of gross) when you have taste and guess a flavour like “Sunday Roast.” This challenge consistently named the most difficult and least pleasant challenge. Luckily, more fun things were to come…

Challenge 2

Roadblock challenge! One team member with the best memory had to memorize a list of exhibits at the Vancouver Art Gallery, run across the square, and list them correctly to an exec member. At least those study skills you’ve been honing at UBC have some real-world application…

Challenge 3

Teams had to go on a photography scavenger hunt around Whole Foods to take pictures of a list of ingredients, show it to an exec at a checkpoint, and grab their next clue.

Challenge 4

Classic Beanboozled…at the YVR Airport. Teams had to muster up their fear factor courage to chew and swallow beans that could be Skunk Spray or Licorice, Barf or Peach, Lawn Clippings or Lime. Physical stamina (jumping jacks) was tested if the team was lucky enough to not get a bad bean five beans in.

Challenge 5

This was the most frustrating and difficult challenge for many teams. Teams were given a bag of Asian snacks and asked to identify, find, and take a picture of the snack in Aberdeen Centre.

Challenge 6

Teams sampled a dose of Escape, a local puzzle-game venue where you’re locked in a room and made to solve yourself out of it. These games have a rep for being super difficult, but our first place team solved a puzzle designed for 15 minutes in about three minutes!

Final challenge

At the Pit Stop at the Richmond Public Library, team members had to get intimate and chew a pocky stick Lady and the Tramp-style to a maximum length of two centimetres. Bonds were created here, folks.

First Place

Team: Local Celebrity Chris Yeung Everybody (members knew each other through Faculty Cup and SLC)

Most fun challenge: Escape – answer was punny, had to do with junk mail and canned meat (answer = SPAM). Also, these guys did the 15-minute challenge in around three minutes. Talk about intense!

Most difficult challenge: Guessing the Asian snacks in Aberdeen Centre.

Team hustler: Aaron

What you’d do differently next time: Stretch! And wear appropriate clothing for the weather…

These guys had the rep for being most intense and dedicated; they literally RAN for all their stations!

Second Place

Team: Souper Savoury Squad/Triple S (members were two groups of friends that really got to know each other)

Most fun challenge: Escape

Most difficult challenge: Baby food challenge

Team hustler: Steven

What you’d do differently next time: Nothing – we were pretty efficient; no one took a bathroom break!

These guys were all smiles and fun.

Third Place

Team: CAF (first letter of each team member’s name)

Most fun challenge: They were all fun!

Most difficult challenge: The RAIN (…and opening a spilling bottle at the end)

Team hustler: Florian

What you’d do differently next time: Better weather, more food, and run all the red traffic lights! (Note: Food Society does not condone dangerous pedestrian activity 😉 )

These guys pulled third place despite having just three members in their team; well done!

This was our biggest Amazing Foodie Race yet. Its intricacy and fortune of landing on a rainy day couldn’t have been successfully overcome without the help of some amazing execs that really hustled. Team Chris Yeung – you guys really gave us a run for our money, we could barely catch up, let alone stay ahead, of you four!

Photography by Hanson Do. Words by Charmaine Anne Li.

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