Itadakimasu: Sushi Week

Sushi Dine Out @ Shiro

Hey guys! Hanson from Nosh and Nibble for my monthly mini club post. After spaghetti and ramen themes, it was time to switch to a ricier theme – sushi! We visited Sushi Gallery and Shiro for this adventure. Keep reading to find out what makes these restaurants special.

Sushi Dine Out @ Sushi Gallery

The sushi at Sushi Gallery and Shiro were very similar. Both offered tons of sushi with a smaller appetizer menu. Members were amazed at how cheap the rolls at Sushi Gallery which topped out at $6 for a specialty roll. Shiro was a little more expensive with rolls topping at $10 but they also had fancier ingredients in their offerings. One thing to note though is the quality of wasabi at Shiro; members who attended this dine out were astounded at how much better real fresh wasabi (from the plant) is versus the usual stuff mixed from a powder. Popular things to order were: Bento Boxes, Fire Dynamite Roll, and BBQ Unagi Roll from Sushi Gallery and Croquette, Skinned Eggplant, and the Assorted Sushi Plate from Shiro.

Takoyaki @ Shiro

Both restaurants are mid-sized restaurants. Shiro gets a higher nod though because their kitchen expands out into the restaurant area and you can see the sushi masters perfecting their craft if you sit at the bar. Sushi Gallery is also unique because it’s the only restaurant where I’ve seen complimentary and unlimited self-serve miso soup (in regular and gluten-free options). Both look pretty traditional with straw seats at Sushi Gallery and rustic table tops at Shiro.

BBQ Unagi Roll ($3.95) @ Sushi Gallery

The service at both restaurants was pretty good and most of the mini club members were okay with the speed of service. There was one mistaken order at Sushi Gallery and some slow speed on Spicy Chicken Karaage at Shiro, but overall not the end of the world because staff were courteous at both restaurants and were happy to help us split the bill. Being poor students and all, Shiro seems to be a great place for wasabi and Sushi Gallery for cheap sushi. The choice is clear.

Shrimp California Roll with Octopus, Hokkigai, Squid, Tuna, Salmon, Mackerel, and Prawn Nigiris

All-in-all, we got 9 mini club members to come out for this event which is really good now that we’re going into February. Our next adventure will be during Reading Break where we will hit up some Japanese Cafes and some new openings (did I hear The Ramen Butcher just opened?) Follow us on our adventures the next time we go out! Itadakimasu! 🙂

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