2015-2016 Mini Clubs

Love food and just can’t get enough? Join one of our many wonderful mini clubs this year and get even more out of your membership!

mini clubs

Cooking/Baking Club:

If you want to cook delicious food to your own tastes in the warmth of your kitchen for your family and friends, join “Quick N’ Easy Cooking“!

Dine-out Mini Clubs:

Wish to be treated to the best in Vancouver’s city-life?  Enjoy five star professional foodie picks at one star prices with “High-End Classy“!

Do you have a sweet tooth? Are you looking for the perfect cafe to study and get cozy with your friends? Join Jens’ mini club “Cafe Jens“!

Ever crave a hot bowl of noodles on a cold, rainy day? We will be exploring different types of Asian noodles at “Nom on Noodles“!

To eat or not to eat…that should never be the question among members of this club, adventures eaters unite at “Adventure Time“!

Mango sago, fancy bubble waffles, matcha ice cream, honey toastbox…. just to name a few! Don’t say no to Asian Desserts with “Asian Fever“!

Want to try vegetarian food that actually stands up to bacon? Then “Veggiecouver” is the right mini club for you!

Maid Cafes are coming to Vancouver! Join “Maid Cafe” to enjoy entertaining nights of food, games, karaoke, and dance with Maids and Butlers!

Are YOU interested in Japanese cuisine, culture, or even language? Join “Itadakimasu!” for this year’s Itadakimasu! for various Japanese food hot spots in Vancouver! (and we’re not just limited to sushi ;D)