Food Facts: So Delicious that They’re Illegal

Written by: Yushu Lin

With all the videos on how to eat Oreos with milk, one would think that someone out there would have turned it into a cereal. Well, they have. Oreo O’s were a breakfast cereal based on Oreos, enhanced by the addition of marshmallows. It was the holy grail of all breakfast cereal, so delicious that adults and children alike were enthralled. Eventually, things escalated up to the point that concerned parents rallied up together to stop the threat of the marshmallow overlords that controlled the mornings of their children.

… Or at least, that was how Oreo O’s were first introduced to me. Upon some further research, it turned out that Oreo O’s were discontinued in 2007 in America because one company held the rights to the Oreo trademark and another held the rights to the Oreo O’s recipe, making it impossible to distribute them in America.

Since then, researching Oreo O’s online often shows people complaining about the end of a golden era when Oreo O’s were no longer available. Gone are the eras where people could experience a marshmallow party in their mouth every morning.

Whether or not the Oreo O’s were truly that delicious or the rave reviews were only a product of Internet hype is something you can determine for yourself. When Oreo O’s were discontinued, there was one nation that retained the right to distribute them: South Korea.

Oreo O's Cereal
Oreo O’s Cereal

Besides Oreo O’s, there are plenty of other rare foods that cannot be found in stores, whether it’s because of a legality issues or because they’re just too dangerous to be sold in stores.  The next food I’ll go over is one you can’t find because of the latter reason – they’ll (pretty much literally) destroy your body.

There are many things in the world that are written but almost no one ever reads. License Agreements, Terms and Conditions and textbooks are among them. Another thing is the serving recommendation label on junk foods. However, heeding the serving instructions on Haribo Sugar Free Gummi Bears can make the difference between a productive day and a day of intense gastric exercises.

Haribo Gummy Bears Source:
Haribo Gummy Bears

While attempting to purify their Gummi Bears from the evils of sugar, Haribo introduced a new element into their product far more sinister than an extra notch on the belt. These Gummi Bears, if Amazon Reviews are any indication, will be taking a lot of other things with them when they come out, because they also have laxative properties.

Of course, it’s hard to tell where truth ends and hyperbole begins in Amazon Reviews, but the packaging themselves contain warnings and there are plenty of videos on Youtube verifying the authenticity. You may visit the Amazon page here to see some reviews, most of which I can’t post here, or to order some yourself.

Most of the people who ordered these seem to use them as ammo for relationship warfare. With Halloween nearing, be sure to scrutinize strange candy that your friends give you.

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