Leaf and Bean


Coffee and tea are universal in their appeal. Rivaled by only cocoa, enjoyed hot and cold, these ubiquitous beverages transcend all cultural and historical barriers. They are an inseparable part of daily life for many, and accompany us on many an early morning, late-night study session, get-together with friends, first date… Join me as we explore the city of countless cafés in hidden gem neighborhoods, share freshly baked goods and laughs over steaming cups in UBC FoodSoc’s first miniclub dedicated to the leaf and bean.

While the focus is coffee and tea, there are so many things that accompany these beverages, and there is no limit to what we can do! I’d love to hear from all of you what YOU like.

Mini-club Leader: Marina Smirnova

Event Times: Friday evenings or weekends (depending on members’ availability), two to four times a month (although you can pick and choose which events you’d like to attend!)

Average Cost per Event: $5-$15 on average, but depends on what you choose to have

Where to get our caffeine fix:

Café Cittadella
Elysian Coffee
49th Parallel (next door to Lucky’s Donuts)
Basho Café
The Urban Tea Merchant
Nelson the Seagull
Ethical Bean
Coffeebar Gastown
Secret Garden Tea Company
East Van Roasters
Adonia Tea House
Innocent Coffee
Le Marché St. George
Steam Tea House


More About Me:

Program: Economics and Political Science, 3rd year
Favorite Food: Thai Green Eggplant Curry
Favorite Meal of the Day: Brunch
Best Dish I’ve Ever Had: Orzo and Chorizo Paella at Café Medina
Most Unusual Food I’ve Ever Had: Kangaroo Sliders

As a Russian, I embraced tea-drinking at a young age. Having worked in a couple cafes (including a bubble tea place!), I’ve come to love all hot beverages and would now love to share my passion with others. I became a UBCFS exec member just months ago, encouraged by how kind and welcoming everybody was. I’m excited for the coming year and to make even more new friends!

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