Global Cuisine and More v3.0

The Global Cuisine miniclub is back for a third year in a row! Whether you are a new member or an old member there’s a restaurant to try for everyone. Each event consists of a dinner session followed by either karaoke or dessert. There is also the annual all day event, in which we will have 3 meals and a bunch of activities in between! Dine with great people, meet new friends and unlock the hidden singer in you! Join us for a wild adventure, with many stories along the way.

About The Club

We are a club dedicated to making new friends and trying new restaurants serving cuisines from around the world. Although the love for food brings people together, the thing that allows us to become friends are the stories that are shared.  The purpose of karaoke, bubble tea and dessert is to give people time to share stories, have fun and hopefully develop bonds that allow members to become friends.  That is the true spirit and purpose of miniclubs.

Leader- Anson Wong

Meeting Times – Saturday Nights

Typical Cost – Expect $20-25 for dinner and an additional $5-15 for bubble tea and karaoke

* Note Karaoke and Bubble tea is optional. I highly recommend attending, you get to know a lot about your fellow members by listening to stories and singing along with them 🙂

Restaurants we will possibly be going to:

Sushi Oyama (Icebreaker event)

Abyssinia Ethiopian

Tandoori Fusion


Aree Thai

Tableau Bar Bistro

Damso Modern Korean

The annual all day event is held during reading break. Restaurants will be decided at a later date.

Photos from previous years



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