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What’s the most important meal of the day if you sleep through Breakfast? Brunch incorporates the best of breakfast and lunch, making it the most delicious meal of the day, too! Join Brunchkins to go to some of the tastiest brunch places Vancouver has to offer with great company, and start your day right!

Leader – Lewis

Meeting Times – Saturday or Sunday mornings and early afternoon, once per month. Specific dates and times dependent on availability of members.

Typical Event Cost – Around $15

Ideas for Events – Yolk’s ; Forage ; Medina ; Twisted Fork ; Western Lake

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Program: Mathematics, 4th year

Favourite Restaurant: Cafe Regalade

Favourite Food: Chocolate, the darker the better.

Favourite Drink: Beer, IPAs especially.

I’m a 4th year Math and Linguistics student, and I’ve been in Food Soc since my first year.  I led a brunch mini club in my second year as well, and am super excited to do it again! I’ve met tons of awesome people through the club, and cant wait to meet even more. If you have any questions about Food Soc’s mini clubs in general, feel free to shoot me an email at

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