A Little Bite Of Everything

Adventurous and diverse, A Little Bite of Everything will take you all around the 604 to try out new food with great company.We’re lovers of a broad range of food. Not bound or restricted by a certain cuisine, we target all kinds of tastes and preferences! Come join us if your taste buds are looking to try something new and you will not be disappointed!

Leader – Kathy and Tracy

Meeting Times – Saturday or Sundays, once per month.

Typical Event Cost – $10-$25

Restaurants we may visit:
Ludica (pizza with board games… what’s not to love?!)
Miura Waffle Milk Bar
Fritz European Fry House
Sawasdee Thai Food
Handi Cuisine of India
Stepho’s Greek Food
Santouka/Hapa izakaya/Suika
Purple Olive Grill
Afghan Horseman
Cafe Salade de Fruits

And of course, we are always open to new suggestions! So if you have a place that you are just itching to try, let us know.



More About Tracy:

Program: Applied Animal Biology
Favorite Food: Portuguese Egg Tarts and Philippine Mangoes
Favorite Drink: Matcha Ice Cream Slush
Best Dish I’ve Ever Had: Burrata cheese and prosciutto with toasted baguette from Tavola is something I often crave
Most Disgusting Food I’ve Ever Had: Cuisses de grenouilles aka frog legs (I didn’t even know what I was eating till afterwards!)

More About Kathy:

Program: Food Nutrition and Health
Favorite Food: Anything with carbs
Favorite Drink: Matcha latte with pearls
Best Dish I’ve Ever Had: My mom’s dishes
Most Disgusting Food I’ve Ever Had: Raw Fish/ Sashimi

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