2014-2015 Mini Clubs

Mini clubs are small groups of Food Soc members that get together once per month to eat the tastiest food in town. Check out our awesome mini clubs’ themes and be sure to join one!
Got a sweet tooth? Want to develop one? JOIN THIS MINI CLUB!! Be a part of our magical quest to try all the best dessert places in Vancouver   We’ll hit up awesome places like Faubourg and Thomas Haas to satisfy your cravings and try a wide variety of desserts.

Adventurous and diverse, A Little Bite of Everything will take you all around the 604 to try out new food with great company. We’re lovers of a broad range of food. Not bound or restricted by a certain cuisine, we target all kinds of tastes and preferences! Come join us if your taste buds are looking to try something new and you will not be disappointed!

When was the last time you went to a bar with the intention of eating? Ever wondered where to find the tastiest food that goes best with a beer? This mini-club will explore different bars, pubs, and lounges in the downtown area and do what UBC Food Society does best, eat.
*Some venues will be 19+ only, alcohol consumption is not required.
What’s the most important meal of the day if you sleep through Breakfast? Brunch incorporates the best of breakfast and lunch, making it the most delicious meal of the day, too! Join Brunchkins to go to some of the tastiest brunch places Vancouver has to offer with great company, and start your day right!

Eating delicious food with your friends on a Friday night is a great time but to be the one cooking the food is just as exciting. You can make equally tasty food in your kitchen, it will be simple and accessible with amazing flavours. With recipes, tips and tricks, cooking will be enjoyable and easy and not stressful and difficult. If you want to cook delicious food to your own tastes in the warmth of your kitchen for your family and friends, join the Cook Well, Eat Well mini-club!
If you’re tired of all-you-can-eat sushi, this is the mini club for you.
If you have no experience with Japanese cuisine, this is the mini club for you.
If you want a to eat like a queen or king in Japanese cafes, ramen joints, and tapa bars, this is the mini club for you!
The Global Cuisine miniclub is back for a third year in a row! Whether you are a new member or an old member, there’s a restaurant to try for everyone.  Each event consists of a dinner session followed by either karaoke or dessert.  There is also the annual all day event, in which we will have 3 meals a bunch of fun activities in between.  Dine with great people, meet new friends, and unlock the hidden singer in you! Join us for a wild adventure with many stories along the way.
Based off the popular YouTube video “How to be a Vancouverite” (but if you haven’t seen it, check it out here), we bring to you some of the food-related stereotypes of Vancouver! Regardless of whether you’re new to the city, or a born-and-bred Vancouverite, you can be sure to have a great time rocking those Lulus to a healthy eatery, embracing the rain as we visit some of the best food carts, and exploring much more that Vancouver has to offer. If you love food, exploration, and some great company, then our mini club is perfect for you!

Join me as we explore the city of countless cafés in hidden gem neighborhoods, share freshly baked goods and laughs over steaming cups in UBC FoodSoc’s first miniclub dedicated to the leaf and bean.
Local.Organic.Sustainable.Healthy.Charitable. All this goodness can be incorporated into your meals easily. Join me as we venture into activities that satisfy not only your tummy but your mind and soul as well knowing that every meal you eat brings peace in your heart 😉

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