Food Heavens Around the World: Balkan House

At the start of another round of midterms, we decided to take a small break to go to the Balkan House for a meat filled buffet.  Going into the restaurant, we thought we took a time machine back into the past. The restaurant was run-down and the decor looked horrific. They even had a payphone. However, despite all this, the place was packed and the food was great. There was definitely a European feel to the restaurant.

Although we called earlier to get seats, we still had to wait ten minutes to be seated. Once we got seated we noticed the lack of lighting. The chairs were hard, and the service was non-existent. They gave us glasses straight out of a box. With the horrible start to the trip, we went to the buffet which runs from 4-8 PM on Sundays. The buffet lacked variety, but the food they served was terrific. Unlike most buffets the meat was juicy and well-seasoned well. They refilled the trays every ten minute to ensure food was fresh and quality of dishes were consistent.

The dessert varies, and changed every twenty minutes or so. They served a cake, followed by a different types of pastry. However, I was too busy eating the meat and forgot to save room for dessert. My favourite dish was the sausages. Unfortunately, none of the items at the buffet were labelled. This could be a major problem for someone with specific dietary restrictions.

In the end, the bill was relatively cheap. It only cost us $15.95 before taxes and after taxes and tip the bill came to around $20. For the amount of meat available it was definitely a good deal. Defintely worth going back to.


-Well-seasoned food

-Lots of meat

-Fresh dishes were brought out constantly


-Hideous decor and lighting

-No service

-Lack of variety

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