Event Review: Fine Dining at Brix

Photo Credit: Gavin Yeung

A whole season ago, the UBC Food Society paid a group visit to the wonderful staff at Brix Restaurant for a night of Fine Dining — and what an adventure it was, considering it took this long to put up a review!

The Venue
When you hear that a Yaletown heritage building from 1912 is the base of a classy Canadian restaurant, you cannot help but marvel in awe at the abilities of the designers and architects who managed to preserve the majority of the original structure. Known for its high-class weddings and inspiring wine selection, Brix stays true to its name by inviting guests to walk through a courtyard surrounded by sky-high bricks, blending a mixture of corals, burgundies, and classic reds. Such an attraction was Food Society’s destination for Fine Dining 2012.

Photo Credit: Gavin Yeung

The Food
We began with a choice between an organic green salad decorated with English cucumber, vine ripened tomato, shaved fennel, carrot, and drizzled over with sweet shallot vinaigrette, or Brix’s house daily soup. Many members opted for and enjoyed the salad over the house daily soup.

The main attraction really began with the main courses. Choosing between a 7oz. Alberta AAA New York striploin with hand cut frites and green peppercorn demi glace or for our sea-loving members, a  pan-roasted local lingcod with crisp skin, snap pea risotto, and tomato tarragon coulis. For the pescetarians and non-steak lovers, the cod served to be a worthy choice of main without being too dry and being enhanced by the herbs and risotto.

Photo Credit: Gavin Yeung

For this night, I had the luxury of having the striploin, and what a step up it was from Food Society’s last Fine Dining experience! The steak was cooked to my medium-rare satisfaction, not too burnt, and had the juices and fats I look for in a good steak. In true Canadian fashion, seasoned fries with classic ketchup adorned the side of the steak, and went well with the accompanying vegetables to my pleasant surprise.

Photo Credit: Gavin Yeung

To finish the evening, for dessert we were served a mighty panna cotta, complete with a raspberry drip around the rim and topped with a goldenberry. I can safely say this was the feature of the night, and the overall smoothness of the dessert was what really made my night. Not too airy and enough flavour to carry you through in case you gobbled up the raspberry topping too fast. A goldenberry was perfect for numbing the sweetness or to cleanse your tastebuds before digging into this wonderful finisher.

Final Thoughts
All in all, we left the restaurant the same way we came, albeit much fuller.  Some members even took the time to snap some photos with the wonderful brick backdrop of Brix. Way to go Food Society for scoring this restaurant, and what a treat it was to meet fellow Food Soc members in their classiest auras.

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Author: Hanson Do

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