The Seven Deadly Sins

7 Deadly SinsHello Foodies! I am a third year Arts student from San Francisco, California. I enjoy going on food adventures, gawking at food photography, and trying out new places in British Columbia. This mini club will enjoy different kinds of eating from fine dining to take-out. Every outing will interpret at least one of the Seven Deadly Sins. I must warn you that my group will enjoy meals that bring heaven to the stomachs and perhaps, hell in the wallets.

Leader: Emma Briones
Event Times: Saturday or Sundays, once or twice a month.
Average Cost Per Event: $10-20
Event Ideas: Each event represents one of the Seven Deadly Sins
1. Lust: Desserts & Sweets
2. Gluttony: All You Can Eat
3. Greed: High End Fine Dinning
4. Sloth: Take-out on campus (with some board games)
5. Wrath: Feuding Restaurants
6. Envy: Restaurants that originated in Canada (because I’m from the U.S.)
7. Pride: Critically acclaimed restaurants.
EmmaMore about Emma:
Program: Arts
Favorite Food: Banana Split with Chocolate Ice Cream
Favorite Drink: Fresh Apple or Orange Juice
Best dish you’ve ever had: Fudgeanna Sundae with chili cheese fries on the side from Fenton’s Creamery
Most disgusting food you’ve ever had: The Filipino dish Ampalaya (Bittermelon)

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