Global Cuisine

global cuisineJoin “Global Cuisine” to meet others that share a love of food! The purpose of mini clubs is to meet new people and try new food. We will be doing various dine out events that range from cheap sushi outings to fancy Italian dinners. The club is strictly about having fun while enjoying all the cuisines around the globe!

Leader: Anson Wong
Event Times: Saturday nights(maybe the occasional Friday/Sunday), every two to three weeks.
Restaurants We Will Visit:
-Ciao Bella Italian Restaurant
-EXP Restaurant+Bar
-Insadong Korean Restaurant
-Sushi Oyama
-Harambe Ethiopean

Screen shot 2013-09-17 at 8.48.31 PM More About Anson:
Program: 4th Year Chemistry
Favorite Food: Steak
Favorite Drink: Anything with mango.
Best Dish I’ve Ever Had: Beef tenderloin with truffle sauce.
Most Disgusting Food I’ve Ever Had: Anything “healthy” my mom makes for dinner.
I am a forth year chemistry major who loves to eat out and karaoke. There will be opportunities for us to go karaoke after dinner if there is interest. I am also an event coordinator for the Food Society and help try to bring fun events for the entire club as a whole. This is also my second year as a mini club leader, last year I led “Food Heaven Around the World”. I am a huge Canucks fan, so no Leafs fans allowed (just kidding). Last year I made a lot of friends through my miniclub and I hope to meet you all soon.

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