Comfort Food

collagewilLove eating food that brings back childhood memories? Want to try out famous comfort foods from around the world? Then this is the club for you! Join me on a culinary adventure of comfort foods and each month we will try out different comfort foods from different places in the world!
Leader: Wilbetson Chua
Event Times: Sundays, once a month.
Average Cost Per Event: $10-20
Restaurants We Will Visit:
-Burgoo (a comfort food heaven)
-Kumare (Filipino Restaurant)
-49th Parallel (Donuts)
-Mac Shack (Macaroni and Cheese) & anywhere else you want to try!

Two thumbs up for comfort food!
Two thumbs up for comfort food!

More About Wilbetson:
Program: Math & Education
Favorite Food: Anything deep fried.
Favorite Drink: Bubble Tea
Best Dish I’ve Ever Had: Egg custard bun from Dimsum
Most Disgusting Food I’ve Ever Had: Chinese Chicken Herb Soup






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