The Baking Bandits

Do you find baked goods totally irresistible and utterly divine? Do you find it almost impossible to pass one by without taking a bite? If so, let the adventures begin! No previous baking experience required.

Leader: Jasmine

Time: Saturday or Sunday mornings or afternoons, each event lasts no more than 3 hours

Location: My kitchen, located near Brentwood Mall in Burnaby (easily accessible via skytrain)

Costs:  ~5-8 dollars per session


      Hi fellow food lovers, this is Jasmine. I am in third year Biology and I lovebaking. I enjoy making all types of desserts in my down time and baking is my own way to relax. This club is for anybody who enjoys making and eating little pieces of art. Twice a month, we will get together to bake and decorate some delicious cupcakes, cookies, brownies, you name it! I will be responsible for getting all the supplies and ingredients and all you have to do is to come and have a good time. I have come up with some cool ideas for our upcoming sessions, but of course, if you spot some delicious desserts you would like to replicate, let me know, because I am more than confident we can tackle it!

Ideas for upcoming endeavours:

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