Chew with Jews!

Do you love indulging in comforting, (sometimes oily), scrumptious dishes? Or learning how to whip up new recipes? How about discovering the cuisines of another culture?

If so, join Chews with Jews, a brand-new cooking and baking club inspired by Jewish cuisine! We’ll be learning everything from how to fry a latke, to how to braid a challah, and everything in between!
No experience necessary, everyone welcome!

Leader: Cadi

Time: Saturday or Sunday, late mornings or evenings. Twice a month, Subject to change. Event lasts 2-3 hours.

Location: My kitchen, near Dunbar and King Ed (on the 7 and 25 bus route).

Costs: ~$5 a session, depending.

About: Hey foodies! I’m Cadi, a second year student in Integrated Sciences with a passion for baking, and the odd cooking endeavor. I’ve grown up surrounded by Jewish culture and food, and am very excited to share some if its oily deliciousness with you! Whether you braid a challah every Friday or have never heard of a hamentashen before, everyone is welcome. I’ve already thought of a bunch of dishes for us to whip up together – mostly corresponding to holidays as they approach, but am very much open to ideas!

 Ideas for upcoming events:
Challah bread

Cheese Blintzes:

Potato Latkes:


Kneidlach (aka Matzah balls)


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