Brunch Brunch Brunch

Leader – Lewis Haas

About the Miniclub

Brunch is a wonderful meal, best shared with wonderful people. So come, join me for weekend brunch. Whether you need a break from studying, or you need to eat away a hangover, eating brunch with us will solve all of your problems. It’s a great way to start the day, so come on out and let’s brunch it up!

Meeting Times

Saturday/Sunday mornings at brunch time. Probably twice a month, depending on availability of members and myself

Cost of Events

Around $15, I’ll try not to make all of you broke.

Possible Events

There are many delicious brunch places throughout this beautiful city, so we have all kinds of options. Some tasty places we might go:

Dim sum somewhere


Cafe Regalade


Cafe Medina

The Lion’s Den Cafe
…and more!
Members are always free to make suggestions!

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