2012-2013 Mini Clubs


Cooking/Baking Clubs:

Chews with Jews

The Baking Bandits

Dine-out Clubs:

Brunch Brunch Brunch

Food Heaven Around the World

All You Can Eat [AYCE]

Finer Things In Life


Mini Club Leaders 2012-2013

Cadi Fortes

“Chews with Jews” Mini Club Leader


  • Program: Integrated Sciences, 2nd Year
  • Favourite food: So many! Chocolate molten lava cake, Greek lamb shoulder, latkes…
  • Favourite drink: Hedgehog hot chocolate!
  • Favourite restaurant: Bean Town on Dunbar.
  • Best dish you’ve ever made: Rainbow cake!
  • Worst kitchen disaster: Oh man… the exploding plates, for sure. It’s a long story. ><

Eric Mah
“CheapFood4U” Mini Club Leader


  • Program: Kinesiology, 3rd year
  • Favourite food: I noms all food! So dee-ricious!!
  • Favourite drink: Omega Banana Berry Shake (self made)
  • Favourite restaurant: Cattle Cafe on Kingsway
  • Best dish you’ve ever made: Smiley face made of ketchup! No no! Hmm…a Prawn and Scallop Spaghettini
  • Worst kitchen disaster: I couldn’t find the sugar.

Samantha Hung
“Finer Things in Life” Mini Club Leader


  • Program: 3rd year Nutritional Sciences
  • Favourite food: It’s a tie between Pierre Hermes Macarons and Pizzeria Da Michele’s Marinara Pizza in Naples
  • Favourite drink: Caramel Macchiato
  • Favourite restaurant: La Quercia on Alma and 4th
  • Best dish you’re ever made: Porcini Mushroom Cream Sauce with handmade Tagliatelle
  • Worst kitchen disaster: Ironically, making macarons…it was terrible!

Anson Wong
“Food Heavens Around the World” Mini Club Leader


  • Program: 3rd Year Chemistry
  • Favourite food: A nice juicy steak
  • Favourite drink: Anything with mango in it.
  • Favourite restaurant: Five Sails(too expensive to go back ever again though)
  • Best dish you’ve ever made: Lemon Risotto
  • Worst kitchen disaster: Left stuffing in the school kitchen oven for the entire night.

Lewis Haas
“Brunch Brunch Brunch” Mini Club Leader


  • Program: “Science” 2nd year
  • Favourite food: I love me a good brownie
  • Favourite drink: Water
  • Favourite restaurant: Portage Bay Cafe in Seattle
  • Best dish you’ve ever made: I made a surprisingly delicious pasta carbonara
  • Worst kitchen disaster: I was making brownies and forgot about them for quite a while. They weren’t very tasty.

Melody Lee
“Sweet! There is Food!” Mini Club Leader


  • Program: 1st Year Arts
  • Favourite food: Durain
  • Favourite drink: Honey water
  • Favourite restaurant: Stepho’s
  • Best dish you’ve ever made: Egg tarts
  • Worst kitchen disaster: My shirt caught on fire when I was making mashed potatoes

Marie Starck
VP Admin & “Meatless Mini Club” Leader


  • Program: Computer Science, 3rd year
  • Favourite food: Anything sweet 🙂
  • Favourite drink: Water
  • Favourite restaurant: Aphrodite’s
  • Best dish you’ve ever made: Goat cheese souffle
  • Worst kitchen disaster: I put my hand on the hot element of the stove. Not my brightest moment.

Patrick Cho
“All You Can Eat (AYCE)” Mini Club Leader


  • Program: Honours Integrated Sciences – Pharmacology and Genetics
  • Favourite food: Lasagna
  • Favourite drink: Orange Juice
  • Favourite restaurant: Red Robin
  • Best dish you’ve ever made: Tomato and Bocconcini Salad
  • Worst kitchen disaster: I put dishwasher soap into my new dishwasher that doesn’t require soap. Bubbles all over the kitchen floor.

Jasmine Li
VP Mini Clubs & Leader of “The Baking Bandits” Mini Club

  • Program: 3rd year biology
  • Favourite food: frozen yogurt
  • Favourite drink: coconut water
  • Favourite restaurant: home
  • Best dish you’ve ever made: tiramisu
  • Worst kitchen disaster: adding way to much cloves into a ginger bread cookie dough


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